Case Study: Kilombero Sugar Company Ltd. in Tanzania
By Prepared by Landesa April 17, 2019

Download Landesa RIPL KSCL Tanzania Case Study- Final - February 2017.pdf

This is the second in a series of case studies intended to inform RIPL Guidebook content and structural framework. Landesa conducted this study in cooperation with Illovo Sugar Group (Illovo) and its joint venture subsidiary, Kilombero Sugar Company Ltd. (KSCL), operating in the Kilombero and Kilosa districts of the Morogoro Region in Tanzania.

The case studies provide an opportunity to gather information about the key stakeholders (communities, investors, and government), and increase the RIPL team’s understanding of key issues facing each stakeholder during land-based investments. Because this case study examines an investment in Tanzania, it will directly inform the content of the Tanzania-specific Guidebooks.

The findings are generally written with an investor audience in mind. However, the team understands that government and communities have an important role to play throughout the process. Therefore, subsequent research and findings carried out in Tanzania will focus directly on these two stakeholder groups. An additional aim was to identify key land-related challenges facing KSCL and determine how they relate to Illovo’s Guidelines on Land and Land Rights. The research team presented this information separately to Illovo and KSCL senior management.

Originally Published in Februrary 2017