Investing in Livelihoods

Resource Platform for Responsible Investments in Property and Land

Whether acquiring land or purchasing agricultural crops from smallholder producers, land based investments are complex, and finding the equitable approach that meets the needs of all stakeholders is not always intuitive. Landesa’s Responsible Investments in Property and Land (RIPL) Resource Platform translates international guidelines and best practices for responsible investments in agricultural land into user friendly guidebooks, with one designed for businesses, one for communities, and one for governments.

Mitigate Business Risk

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Promote Governance

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Empower Communities

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Navigating the Land Investment Process

The RIPL Guidebooks help all stakeholders achieve responsible investments in agricultural land by offering practical, tailored guidance at each step of the process. The Guidebooks include instructions and tools to help you tailor best practice steps to specific geographies and contexts. Phases 1, 2 and 3 are intended for a new investment. Phase 4 is designed for existing investments. Jump directly into our guidance by clicking through the investment timeline below.

Guidebooks by Country

The framework for the RIPL Guidebooks was informed by developing country-specific Guidebooks for Ghana and Tanzania. These country-specific Guidebooks are grounded in field research on current investments; input from a multi-stakeholder advisory group that informed the process; and experiences directly supporting companies, governments and communities. These guides are available by clicking below.

Ghana Guidebooks

Tanzania Guidebooks